The Perfect Mac Dev Setup

Fire up your terminal.

  1. Install Xcode Command Line tools
    xcode-select --install 
  2. Install Homebrew
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" 
  3. Install Git
    brew install git 
  4. Install OhMyZSH
    sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" 
  5. Download and Install Virtual Box
  6. Download and Install Vagrant
  7. A LAMP EnvironmentNow to set up a LAMP environment. We’re using Scotch Box. More HereYou will get Ruby, PHP, Node, NPM, Composer along with MySQL, Postgres .. you get the picture. Visit their site for a complete download.
  8. Init the Scotch Box repo in your new project folder
    vagrant init scotch/box
  9. Get into the folder and start the box
    vagrant up

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