The Game of Thrones

Imagine a world that isn’t black and white. Wait, that’s the world we live in … So, let me rephrase that: imagine a fantasy novel set in a world that isn’t black and white. That’s right. No orcs, no Sauron, no Dark Lord, no Voldemort, no Deatheaters, in short … no easily identifiable evil villian.

Sure there are people who are more dark than they are light, but as the story chugs along, you realise it isn’t without reason.

Now, imagine that this fantasy novel is converted into a rich TV series, set in lush locales with great actors and wonderful pacing.

Wonderful thing, imagination.

Now wish for it to be true … aaand …the magician in me just granted your wish.

The Game of Thrones is a TV series being broadcast on HBO in the US.

It’s based on a series of books by George R R Martin.

Please read, and watch.

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