Ten Social, Digital, Mobile Commandments

Number One:
The CEO needs to be on Twitter. The CMO needs to be on Twitter. And they have to tweet everyday.

Number Two:
Stop thinking everybody has to love you. Deal with the hate, learn from the rants, and ignore the trolls.

Number Three:
Choose Instant Messaging groups over email. Everytime.

Number Four:
Be personal, but don’t get personal. Ever.

Number Five:
A press release isn’t a blog post. It isn’t a Facebook post. And it shouldn’t be the only tweet on the subject.

Number Six:
You have a camera on your phone. Use it. Images speak more than 140 characters.

Number Seven:
If you’re social when the going’s good, it’ll be easier to deal with a crisis.

Number Eight:
Don’t count followers and fans, build relationships.

Number Nine:
Talk about things you care about, not about the things you want people to care about.

Number Ten:
Have fun. Nobody wants to be social with a bore.

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