Buying A New Phone: iOS vs Android vs WP7


I need a new phone. My Nokia E71 has served me faithfully for the last two+ years. I bought the E71 after Shyam Somnadh (@codelust) recommended it to me — mostly by waving his own E71 around. I’ve had no major complaints, and have loved the battery life going two-three days without having to charge it.

I decided to be a little more scientific this time: I have a checklist, and I’m not buying the first phone I see. And I’m documenting the process — now we all know that documentation makes everything scientific and process driven. I mean, how many software companies do you know that go on and on about how process driven they are? Of course, most of them are body shopping experts that learnt documentation from the US Embassy while applying for visas. But hey, I’m not knocking them, I’m paying the highest compliment by emulating them 🙂

Let’s start with that checklist:

Number One: The phone needs to cost me less than a decent laptop. That immediately rules out the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S2. I’ve set myself an outer limit of INR 29,000 (approximately $650).

Number Two: Battery life is super important to me. I use the phone a lot, both for voice and data. So, I need a phone that nots going to conk out in the middle of the day.

Number Three: It needs to be pretty. I like design and typography. And while I’m not great at design or typography, I know good stuff when I see good stuff.

Number Four: It needs to be reasonably future proof. There’s no point in buying a phone and then it going completely obsolete in six months. The E71 is a bad example, but it still works fine and lets me check email, get on to twitter, make phone calls and send texts.

I’m plan to buy the phone online at — I don’t have the time to go to a mobile store and butt heads with uninformed salesmen. Along the way, if you know a place where I can get a great deal, I’m listening.

Let’s start with a list of phones (ordered by price):

Phone OS Price
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.2 INR 21987
Dell Streak Android 2.2 INR 24399
Motorola Milestone Tablet Xt720 Android 2.2 INR 25299
Samsung Google Nexus S Android 2.3 INR 25499
HTC Incredible S Android 2.2 INR 26399
iPhone 3GS 8GB iOS INR 27799
Samsung Galaxy SI9000 Android 2.3 INR 27999
HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 INR 28292

The phone that’s currently out of stock is the iPhone — but more on that later.

I’m using reviews at Phone Arena, Anand Tech, GSM Arena, and Phone Dog to figure out which phone is good for me — but I still don’t know.

Stay tuned for Part Two.

Louis Vuitton Versus The Internet

Luxury super brand Louis Vuitton recently won a court case against Danish artist Nadia Plesner. And certain, sometimes dangerous, parts of the Internet exploded.

The Story:

Nadia created a painting of a impoverished African child carrying a Louis Vuitton bag. The painting also featured Paris Hilton. Her objective was to draw attention to the atrocious situation in Darfur, and criticize materialism and consumerism.

LV took her to court, won $200,000, and she has reacted by keeping the image up on her website and letting the fine grow by leaps and bounds.

And Now …

Here’s what Anonymous, an amorphous group of digital(lulz) vigilantes who have taken on governments, large corporations and individuals have to say about this:

Anonymous takes on Louis Vuitton

As of today morning, social news site and hub for digital activists of all colors and the dark side of the internet seem to have taken this cause to heart.

Of course, it may not seem to matter because, as Redditor Arcturussage points out in a brilliant graphic, Redditors don’t seem to be LV’s target audience.

That said, what they’re doing is dangerously subversive and the impact on the luxury brand may well be far more severe.

And now that the great hivemind has decided that LV is EVIL with the vowels missing, the backlash is not going to go away even if the stupid lawyers who thought up the lawsuit are sent to purgatory, the brand withdraws the lawsuit, and apologizes to Nadia.