Predicting The Future


By Kevin Kelly

AI and robots will create new jobs for humans – jobs that are focused on productivity over all else will be done by AI/robots. Jobs that need creativity and the willingness to fail will be done by robots. People with the ability to work with AI will be valued.

Virtual Reality and Mixed/Augmented Reality will lead us to an Internet of experiences. In VR you no longer watch scenes but viscerally experience the environment leading to memory. The hard problem is tracking your body and providing tactile feedback, not creating the world. Best example Void (redirected walking). For AR Mega

VR will become the most social of social media. It is inherently a social experience.

Personalisation and Tracking: anything that can be tracked, will be tracked. In VR your whole self is being tracked. The tracking will become more civilised because of co-veillance. We can track the trackers. There is a correlation between privacy and generic experiences, and transparency and personalisation

The great products of the next 20 years haven’t been invented yet.

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