#DelhiGangRape — A List of Demands

The following demands were first tweeted by @saikatd — I have edited them for grammar and clarity and reworked the order in which the demands have been listed.

  1. The Delhi police must report to the state govt & not a bunch of unaccountable officials like Lieutenant Governor
  2. A Delhi Police Act is passed immediately, without delay, on lines of the SC judgment.
  3. Increase funding of training for police immediately.
  4. Ensure that the cops who didn’t register a case, or delay registration, are charged with abetment of the crime
  5. Ensure that the suspension of cops is not just a paid holiday without any long term consequences
  6. Commission a white paper on what happens to rape cases from prevention to investigation to conviction
  7. Professionalise & empower the National Commission for Women & retire the current politicians manning it

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