Choices; Places

What is any place
Is it a promise
dreamt in the night
of golden days ahead

Is it the people
that brush past you
when you need them most
to stop and say they love you

Or is it the secret life
hidden on every street
that seduces you and makes
you feel like you belong

What is any place
but a bookmark on life’s journey
sometimes a whisper in the wind
sometimes a stain on the soul

How far do I travel
Where do I rest
Who do I trust
What choices do I make

I want to hang my hat
but I don’t own one
I want to put up my feet
but am scared of doing it alone

Is a place a choice
or is it an inevitable
cruel joke, unsolicited advice
nonsense so incredible

That life itself rebels,
rejects, tears asunder
any hope, any happiness
any chance of a better tomorrow.

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